The Point

About the organization

Our first award recipient was The Point/Arc of Covington, KY whose mission is to provide opportunities to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to reach their highest potential. The Point has trained thousands for jobs in restaurants, laundries and cleaning services.

Mission Statement

To provide opportunities to people with special needs to reach their highest potential educationally, residentially, socially and vocationally.

Note of Thanks from Point President, Judi Gerding

As a charter member of The Point in 1972, our motto remains, “It’s not how much time or money anyone contributes, it’s everyone doing what they can, when they can.” That has enabled us to produce creative and entrepreneurial programs for people with special needs. Thank you for supporting us.

Over 60% of our revenue is generated by our Point programs, resulting in 100% of your gift being spent where designated. All gifts will be acknowledged.

Read what our beneficiary has said about Calliope Foundation. (PDF)